SMJK Poi Lam's Contribution For "The Cartoon Project" by The Epiphany School, USA

As our contribution to the “The Cartoon Project” by The Epiphany School, USA, we decided to focus on the idea of going green. In our endeavor to look for cartoons, we thought it would be a good idea to share some cartoons drawn by Lat, our famous cartoonist in Malaysia.

“The Malaysian Homestay Programme – Kampung Stay” is a fine example of promoting the idea of going green by Tourism Malaysia to foreign guests in our country. And this Homestay concept has been very well illustrated by Lat in his comic book 'The Kampung Boy'. The Malaysian Homestay Programme allows us to understand more about life in a Malay kampung, an area which is less developed and where one can feel close to nature. The simplicity of life in a Malay kampung while being surrounded by the vast greenery is always an enriching experience to the tourists. Indeed, this Malaysian Homestay Programme is one of the easiest and fastest ways to dive head first into the real Malaysian Malay culture.

In the green and serene surroundings of the kampung, a Malay village, tourists can enjoy plucking rambutans using bamboo sticks and playing traditional games like kite flying, top-spinning, and congkak. Other fun activities in the kampung include swimming, catching fish, hopscotch and playing traditional games.

Hope you have been able to get an insight of the experience of staying in a kampung on a Malaysian Homestay Programme and be close to nature as depicted by Lat’s creative illustrations in his cartoons about life in the kampung.

Lat's cartoons (pending approval from the cartoonist)