My Story
According to a sociology course, the family is the basic unit of society. And I can compare my life to a society, who cannot stand alone without my family. Indeed in the song of ALL IN ALL, they are my strength when I am weak. Yes, all of my years of existence in every season, I am so proud of having such kind of family. I am proudly to say that we have face and fight our battle in the year of 2010 and 2011. In the year of 2010 my father was being operated due to the enlargement of his appendix. In the year of 2011 my mother was also being operated by a laser surgery with a diagnosis of gallbladder polyps with open cervical canal. Those years were the reason why we are more tightly bond with faith and trust to our Lord. As a second child among the three siblings of my parents, I can say that those trials that come in our way helps me in realizing that we shall live everyday as the last day. According to my mother, this world is just a temporary home and we can all see the GOD’s face soon, holding us towards the heaven. Thus, from now on, I will live my life without regrets through loving, obeying and respecting my family especially my parents and continually living the word of GOD.
Environmental Issue

Philippines is known for the best scenic spots in the whole world. But these scenic spots had begun to turn into a horrible spots just like the mountain in South part of Davao City. Before those mountains were home of the animal creatures and the surroundings were filled with the nature relaxing color but now it became bald and home of the tractors. Since people knew about the worth of the trees, they were doing ILLEGAL LOGING. Furthermore, the worst scenario of it was that, most of the owners of those companies were not FILIPINOS. And last November 2011, there was a great landslide in that place that cause great flashfloods in Matina Davao City that over 89 people were dead. Most of the victims of the calamity such landslides and flashfloods were all innocent and had been blind to the inappropriate doings of other people.

Environmental Solution

The government unit so called DENR should really do their tasks in protecting the mountains not protecting the monster people behind the ILLEGAL LOGING. And as a student we are now having our tree planting which I think a very big help to save our Mother Nature.