" Loven is a kind person" my friends told me.

In this article, i will be telling my life story and some principles in life that makes me unique from others and somehow will describe me as I am.

I am Loven Getutua, 19 years of age and born on October 26,1992. I was raised in Cagayan De Oro City but because of some reason we transferred in Davao City and continue my studies. I finished my elementary and high schools with merits. Presently, I am studying at University of Southeastern Philippines taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Biological Science. Im in my Junior level.I am simple person. I want to have a boast of friends that makes me happy. I am a person who always trying to be happy because I believe that life is too short so we have to enjoy it. Im an optimistic person. i want things goes in a positive way. I want to be a teacher someday. i wan to teach children and i want to touch their lives. i love my family so much. i am willing to die for them. i am hoping i can fulfill my dreams.

My understanding in green tourism is an activity or facility operating in an environmentally friendly fashion.a lodge with composting toilets, gray water system, and solar powered lighting is probably "green". this green tourism will have a big impact in our problem regarding pollution. we all know that pollution is a man- made destruction to our environment. it ruins our natural resources and other forms of organisms. this green tourism will lessen the pollution that is existing in our world today. as a student and as a citizen, we have lots of responsibilities to our surrounding. with our simple ways, i know we can do something that well help our environment; like cleaning the streets and rivers, segregation of garbages.i know its just a simple way but it will have a gigantic impact to our environment.

This green tourism should be promoted to others. we can promote it by having some seminars that should be conducted by some students with the help of some government officials. by promoting green tourism, many people will be aware of some pollution that is existing our world today and they will know how to solve it. i know its not easy but if we will strive hard and work together this will all put in reality.