"you're a happy person" this is one of the good things i heard from the people around me.

All of us have different life stories with different principles in life. Indeed, we are all different. I am writing this article for myself to describe my life fact in a simple way, kinda brief but you would really know me well.

I am Montaser Lumagbas, very popular in the nickname of "Nap". I raised in Brgy. Waan, Davao City and born on March 25, 1993. I am 18 years of age. I am a believer of Allah, I am a Muslim. I have a lot of friends. I live with a principle of "life would be boring without friends" I always bear this in mind because I know everybody needs a friend to comfort on, to talk with and to laugh with. I always tease my friends especially my "friendly enemy" because i do believe that not all the time we will be together, that is why i teased them for them to remember me though we are far from each other and not seeing each other. i used " friendly enemy" because we always quarrel, but in friendly way. we are enemy but we are friends. I am a person who always feel pity to those who need my help, that is why if i have and i can, i can't resist not to hep that person. However I also have hatred to those people who are back stabbers, fried users, and interveners. If i have something to do and someone will nstop me, i fell mad because i thinks they are manipulating me.I have a lot of dreams in life. I want to be a singer, a psychologist and a traveler. I know it is impossible to achieve but three is no harm in dreaming. Dreaming is one of the things that you can have for free.

Since, I am presenting this article to green tourism, 'i also need to tackle about issues on environment and how can i help this existing problem. and i think we are all familiar in global warming that causes climate change. Climate change is a wide spread to be stopped. i know through simple ways i could help our aching world to be more sustainable for terrestrial life. By doing reforestation, segregation and composition, we could help our earth. these simple ways can lessen the global warming that will to a catastrophic climate change. i know every good feat counts. so let us not stop doing simple things in our environment where in fact we are the one who will benefit from it. before i end this article, let me leave my motto to you: be the best that you can be and you would see that life is free!!!