Good day everyone and welcome to my page. I am Rey Paciol, 18 years of age and is currently studying at University of Southeastern Philippines, Davao City Philippines. Currently I am living the life of an average teenager here in the Philippines: studying, social networking, online gaming and other common things done by a modern living kid is what I am having each day.

However, being an average student wouldn’t be an excuse not to be involved and be vigilant about the things happening around me. One of these things are the environmental issues that our world is currently experiencing namely global warming that causes climate change. Part of my involvement and vigilance with the said matters is my participation on organizations in our school and even online that promote the welfare of our environment. Awareness about innovations like green tourism and dissemination of the things I know among the people around me, in my point of view, is my little contribution in saving mother earth and practically one of the reasons that I am here in this online community.
Good day people and God Bless ! J