I can enjoy society in a room; but out of doors, nature is company enough for me.
Good day friends!!! My name is Hannah Pelin Quimpan. I am the type of person who is nature loving. I love forest, especially those forests that are full of wonders that are not yet discovered. Animals are also my passion; to me they are precious and are good friends. My hobbies are watching TV, motorcycling and going to scenic spots in my little hometown. I like discovering new things especially if that thing has awakened my interest.I grew up in a place where I can say nature and people are close with each other. I’m from San Isidro, Davao Oriental, Philippines; where virgin forests and majestic beauty of nature can be found. I have witnessed the alluring beauty my hometown can offer to satisfy every eyes of the spectator.

Nature is very important to me that is why when I heard about the plans of a private company to conduct mining and logging in my hometown, to the precious forest that I care for, I strongly disagree with their plans. Together with other sectors and people who care a lot for the nature, I joined them in a rally against the evil plans of the foreign people. Luckily, we succeeded in protecting the forest of San Isidro. I also helped in the community program which is the tree planting or reforestation. I hope to see the forests of San Isidro, as rich and green as what I see now and for the years to come.