In this article, I will share to you about my self. I am Jomarie C. Rebuta, 18 years of age. I am now residing at Prk. 8, Salvacion Panabo City.I am currently studying at University of Southeastern Philippines taking up Bachelor of Secondary of Education major in Biological Science. I have a lot of dream in life just like going abroad. And of course, to become a professional teacher someday.

I can describe my self in just one word "Funnyman". Many of my friends like me because I am a type of person who really likes to have more friends. Actually, I am a happy person because I believed in a saying that "Laughter is a best medicine". so, every time I have a big problem I always not took it seriously because I know I can solve it with the help of our Almighty Father. i opted, to hangout with my friends rather staying at home. I love having conversation with my friends and sharing those unforgettable experiences.

So since this is about green tourism, me as students, I should be concern in my environment. I know there are some existing problems not needs solution like Pollution. this problem is caused by people who are not responsible enough in taking good care in their habitat. As a solution, we need to have at least a little bit concern and do some environmental practices like cleaning, segregating and tree planting in order to stop this existing problem that we are facing right now.