Hey there…. My name is Charity B. Samson, but some of my friends call me cha-cha. I’m a kind of person who loves pink things. Another is, I love nature it is because it relax my mind and remove my stress every time I see it. My hobbies are watching television, listening music, motorcycling and sometimes I love to travel to some places which have nice sites, fresh air and clean. I was born in Upper Biangan particularly Malungon Sarangani Province perhaps this place is not familiar to you. But our place is abundant of trees and also a nice river.
Our environmental problem is illegal logging as a result, we experience landslide and floods. This problem really occur because some of the residence in our place take it as a source of income as they continue doing it we are the most affected living. Another is the mining happened in our place, it really destroy our natural resources and also the view of the mountains.

Through the initiative or program of the government or the barangay officials we resolve this problem. We plant more trees to prevent the calamities we once experienced. And trying to convince other youth or people to help preserve our mother nature.