I am Hazel Mae T. Simo from Davao City, Philippines. My friends call me by my nickname “Hazy”. We are five in the family and I am the youngest. Being the youngest I was told to take care of my brother and sister whenever my parents are not around. I am a Filipino, and as a Filipino am very proud of my nationality. Filipinos are known to be caring, hospitable and family- oriented. As a concern citizen in our country especially in our city I am aware that one of the environmental issue that our country has facing right know is the improper waste disposal. People are keep throwing there garbage wherever they want and they are not also separating biodegradable from non- biodegradable garbage when throwing, and if this continue it can clogged drainages that causes flood, it can add to global warming and it can put our health into danger. Our government, particularly in Davao City has made an action regarding this problem. They initiated a law regarding proper waste disposal that encourages people to throw their wastes into proper places and separate it in to biodegradable from non- biodegradable, if anyone caught not obeying the said law will have a punishment.