“My story”

Good day to all!!!!!

Hello, I’m Jeicel C. Calamohoy, 19 years of age. Resides at Pampanga Doña Asoncion Subdivision, Phase 6, Purok 16. I currently study at University of Southeastern Phillipines here in the Obrero Campus, taking up Bachelor in Secondary Education major in Biological Science.

Since I ‘am a biological student, I should have an awareness about the environment that we have. We can’t deny the fact that our environment today has been destroyed because of our negligence. Maybe it’s about time that we can realize and reflect on our selves if it is okay to our consents that we see millions of people died because of the destruction in our environment. Like what happened in Visayas during typhoon “Ondoy”.

“Changes come from our self” yes, I probably believe in this saying. If we want a change, then, start it on your self. Like me, even if I am just an ordinary person, I ‘am proudly to say that I concern about the environment that we have in such a way, like segregating our waste in our house, we also avoiding burning plastics that can destroy our ozone layer. In that simple way I’d help the environment while saving the life of others.

I am very proud that I am one of the green tourism members, because in this way I can help to promote green nature and share my experience in helping our environment. I also want to convey people that we should be aware in our environment and don’t let our self more busy in unimportant task. We should think that we are here it is because we are task by our Almighty God to care our nature since we are the most special creatures in this world.