I am Xangot, but my real name is Ma. Clarissa Denoy Carillo. Xangot is just my nickname. In our family, I am the youngest one and I have an elder sister named Carla Carillo she is 6 years older than me. My mother is Genedina Carillo and my father is Eduardo Carillo, they are both farmers. I was born on January 26, 1992 and I’m going to 20 this coming Jan. 26 and I was born in Manila, Quezon City in northern part of the Philippines but we moved to live here in Davao City somewhere in southern part of the Philippines because some reasons.

Davao is a beautiful place here in Philippines, what makes it beautiful? Davao is abundant with many different kinds of tropical fruits like jackfruit, lazones, durian, pineapple, and mangosteen etc. that is why they characterized Davao as the fruit basket of the Philippines. Another one that makes it beautiful is the Samal Island with a very beautiful beach resorts and a very relaxing blue water of it. It also has a water falls with very clear and fresh water.
But even though we have those fresh waters here in Davao but in some places here in Philippines they do have a difficulty in water resources. Freshwater is another valuable yet diminishing resource. As I heard the news that by 2025, it is feared that only a fraction of the current clean water supply will be available to each individual in this country. And while the 2025 deadline may seem distant to some, there are communities today that already know what it is like to thirst after this precious human need here in Philippines. In Bohol, time lapse cameras capture a community’s hard work as they manually dig a well which will serve as their town’s reservoir. While it takes the villagers five days to break ground with water, up to 50 million liters of water are wasted every day in Metro Manila households alone.

We all know how important the water is in our daily living. And without it we can’t live, our body needs water every hour, every minute, every second and every drops of it is count. As a resident of this country to serve is a duty even in my own little way of doing such thing like to conserve water and give an importance to it and I know I can help the country in this manner and if all of the people will do the same way as I, little by little we can save the country from losing of water by the year 2025.