There’s a lot of story of different people I know, there are sad and there are happy stories. But of course these two words are always interrelated with each other, they can’t be separated, it can be describe in physics in “the law of action and reaction” or in chemistry “that particles exist in pair”. In my story there are also happy and sad parts. By the way, I am John Belmar Alconera, just became 19 this January 10, 2012. I am living far away from this place where I am currently studying as a Bachelor of Secondary Education Student majoring Biological Science. I am the only child of my loving parents, and that’s the sad part of my story I suppose, because I am not able to experience what my friends that has older or younger brothers and sisters do, But of course I am still happy because my parents did their best to make me happy.

In my 19 years of existence I am able to study in three different places, for my Primary level, I studied at Pigcawayan, North Cotabato where you can see a lot of rice fields. During my Secondary level I Studied at Pikit, North Cotabato, our house by that time is located in a town so the place is not like in Pigcawayan. And now I am currently staying here in Davao City to finish my studies here in the University of Southeastern Philippines. In these 19 years of my existence, I am able to live in three different environments and I can say that there’s really a big difference in them, in terms of the green in the surroundings that you can see of course, that’s what I mean.

For me Green Tourism is the one that promotes cleanliness in our environment. I think I can’t help that much in promoting Green tourism because I am just a simple and ordinary student. But of course I will try my best to apply what I learn about this, such as proper way of disposing garbages, planting more trees if I can. I think I can also help by guiding my younger cousins or friends that are still not yet guided and those who are misguided. By this I think I can HELP BIG!