We are excited and happy to be given this opportunity to connect with schools around the world and to learn from each other through our project. In doing so, we hope to have a better understanding of people from different cultures, customs and traditions.

Our project ideas for this learning circle revolve around the theme of green tourism. “Going green” is just what we need to do to bring back Mother Nature into the concrete jungle of an urban setting that we live in here in Ipoh.

SMJK Poi Lam is located in the middle of the city of Ipoh. Having a student population of 1900 and facing the problems of space constraints, our school is still able to find ways and means to add some green into our environment with the setting up of two science gardens in our compound.



Ipoh, with an area size of 64300 hectares, is a beautiful place filled with many old heritage buildings. And amidst this setting, some distance away from the city centre, there is an amazing place to visit. It is a place called the Eco Park which is situated in the new township of Seri Botani. With its wide fields and lotus pond, the Eco Park takes one’s breath away with its amazing scenery.


Our Perak local government has declared 2012 as “Visit Perak Year” with the theme being “Green Tourism, Nature and Heritage, Yours to Discover”. As a community, this is a step in the right direction in doing our part to help address the current problem of climate change in the world via eco-tourism.


We truly hope that our Green Tourism Project will be well participated by our iEARN Learning Circle Project Partners. Working in a Win-Win situation, our project contributions for our partners' projects namely 'The Cartoon Project'' and 'The Most Interesting Place In My Town'' are also based on the theme of 'green tourism'. Together let us collaborate and work towards contributing and making an effort in raising awareness among people of all levels in society, both locally and globally with regard to the idea of 'going green' in terms of our lifestyle and tourism education!